Thursday, September 16, 2010


Ludo is a band from St. Louis, Missouri that I have just recently found out about, and grown a liking for.  With seemingly operatic orchestration as well as a talented vocalist, this band gives a great balance between catchy riffs, and cynical lyrical content.  Upon hearing them, one could guess that Ludo was Indie, and would likely break into a cheesy chorus.  Surprisingly, that isn't what happens (for the most part), and you get a good taste of punk poetry to fill the void.

If you like operatic arrangements, with odd lyrical twists.. you should definitely give these guys a listen.


In this blog, I will be discussing bands and or artists that I'm currently listening to, and or have influenced me in someway or another.  I will provide a video for your enjoyment, and explain a little bit about the band to give you and idea whether or not you would be interested in them.